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Born of Sturdy Manhood

The men of Theta Chi uphold a higher moral standard, treating all individuals in our chapter – both actives and new members – as equals. It is a brotherhood where you are constantly challenged to become a better man. This strong brotherhood, in addition to our leading campus involvement, exciting daily life, and high academic standards, make Theta Chi the most rewarding fraternity on campus. 

Extending a Helping Hand

Theta Chi was founded on the motto, "An Assisting Hand." We believe it is every man's duty to extend a Helping Hand to those in need. Our philanthropy, G.I. Theta Chi, benefits the Kyle Charvat Foundation, born right here at our chapter in 2005. Since then, the foundation has donated over $100,000 to Kyle Charvat's family (who eventually passed away in 2006), and victims of brain cancer. For more information, visit: