Rush Theta Chi

When you attend a rush event at Theta Chi fraternity, expect to meet many motivated brothers who are active leaders on campus, and expect them to take the time to truly get to know you, as we expect the same from you. 

During recruitment, we look for the highest quality men, whose character exemplifies the potential for leadership, integrity, service, and presence in any and all areas of student life here at the University.

The recruitment process here at the UW is informal meaning you can rush at any point, allowing you ample time to make the right choice. If you're interested, reach out & talk to one of the rush chairmen below who will help set up a time to stop by.

Our Recruitment Team

Jaray Corpus: (206) 604-1077

Clayton Black: (206) 388-6626

Trent DeLucia: (206) 245-3955

Interested in Rushing?

Answer this short questionnaire so our rush team can get to know you better!


Zero Hazing Tolerance

A main concern that many men interested in fraternities may have is that they will be hazed during their Pledge process. Here at Theta Chi we maintain and enforce a very strict no hazing policy. You cannot respect someone who has hazed you, and bonds cannot be built without respect for one another. We guarantee that all members of our chapter – both actives and new members – are treated with equality and respect.