Alpha Rho Chapter

Theta Chi Fraternity, Alpha Rho Chapter was founded February 27th 1926. Since then, the fraternity has risen to be one of the elite chapters on campus at the University of Washington. Members are known for living in a fraternity that builds strong bonds within the house, the Greek System and the community. Theta Chi excels in Greek and University sponsored competitions, has a diverse and entertaining social schedule and is dedicated to community service and philanthropy. Our mission is to take young men entering university life and turn them into well rounded, intelligent and inspiring members of their communities. Through a rigorous recruitment process we make sure that the highest quality men are brought into this chapter, and help them to excel in any and all areas of student life here at the University.

2015 Executive Board Members

2015 Executive Board Members


Beaumont Gants

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Vice President

Ethan Mayers

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VP of Health and Safety

Matthew Novotny

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Luke Boksem

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Ryan Terriff

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Head Recruitment

Jaray Corpus

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Callum Bessinger

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Algird Zalpys

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Alpha Rho Chapter History from "History of Theta Chi Fraternity"

"Alpha Rho Chapter had its beginning in the year of 1919, among a group of Washington students who had become acquainted while in the Army. Desiring to continue the friendships formed, while in training, these men, on returning to the University, secured rooms at the same boarding house, and maintained an unofficial organization, selecting their associates whenever vacancies occurred. After several months the group attracted the attention of the Interfraternity Council and was asked to organize into a fraternity. As a result Pi Mu Phi, local fraternity was founded, February 7, 1921, by fifteen students of the University of Washington.

The chapter became incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington. In 1923, at which time the present chapter house was purchased, Pi Mu Phi consistently stood high in college activities, Thus building up an excellent reputation for itself among the other fraternities on the campus.

A petition to Theta Chi from Pi Mu Phi was submitted in October, 1924. It was later accepted and on February 27th and 28th, 1925, Alpha Rho Chapter of Theta Chi was installed. Members of the installation committee were: Tracey Coombs, Mu, Chairman; Harold Bowman; Psi; Dr. Stevenson Smith, Nu; Neil Locke, Mu; R. W. Bucklin, Alpha Omicron; C.E. Taylor Sigma; D. W. Buchanan, Phi; R.T. Guillespie, Alpha Omicron; F.P. Borderud, Phi; M.W. Drew, Alpha; H.N. Turrel, Jr., Beta; R.M. Jackson, Mu, and B.A McIlhany, Nu.

The first officers of the new chapter were: President, Theodore Roscoe; Vice-President, Harold Quillian; Secretary, Joseph Hoyt; Treasurer, Russell Hanson; Chaplain, Gilbert Swart; Librarian, Gerald Hile; Historian, Lloyd Wallgren, and Guards, Albert Daniels and Robert Latta. Harold Quillian was elected first active delegate to the National Convention, and Harry Nuelson was elected alumni delegate.

Alpha Rho was well represented in campus activities during the Winter quarter that it was installed. Among the honors held might be mentioned the chairmanship of two class boating parties held in the early Spring, several representatives on the "Daily" staff, two headline acts in the Junior Girls' Vodvil and the manager and feature entertainer of the Glee Club. In addition members of the chapter held membership in Sigma Xi, Oval Club, Sigma Delta Chi, Alpha Delta Sigma, Sigma Upsilon and Tau Beta Pi.

The first Founder's Day Banquet was held on April 10, 1925. The members were addressed by Stevenson Smith, Nu, of the Department of Psychology, and Dean James E. Gould, Alpha Rho, Dean of Men at the University of Washington.

At the end of the athletic season, of the 1925-26 school year, a member of Aloha Rho received the Piggot Cup, awarded to the man who has been the greatest inspiration to the crew during the past year. Another received a "W" in track, and still another his freshman numerals in baseball.

Traveling Secretary B. A. McIhany's first inspection visit to Alpha Rho happened just in time for the pledge-homecoming banquet of 1925-26 which was held in honor of the pledges and visiting alumni November 7th.

During the Fall quarter of 1925-26 members of the chapter were pledged to Phi Lambda Upsilon Kappa Psi, Oval Club and Hammer and Coffin. Other activities held by the chapter that year are as follows: Vice President of the Ad Club, B. A. Council, B. A. Mentors, Fraternity Editor of the Tyee, Glee Club, Yell Staff, Forest Club, and various committees.

On January 9, 1926, members brought their "dads" to the chapter house for the first annual "Dad's Dinner." It was a decided success, and since that time has been a tradition at Alpha Rho Chapter. The biggest social event of the year was the Winter Formal, held in the Chinese room on the roof of the L. C. Smith Building, the highest building in Seattle.

During the Summer of 1926 the chapter finance system was reorganized and improvements were made on the chapter house. During the same period the alumni became organized, and were incorporated as the Alpha Rho Alumni Association, a holding company for the chapter's property. The Association's first act was to purchase two lots to be used as a building site for a proposed new chapter house."